Btssb Winter 2016 Tea Party in Paris

On February 20th I attended my very first Baby the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party !

I wasn't excited that much but I knew I would have an amazing time with my friends. 
I had no clue what to wear, so I went for an EGL coord with the day before-handmade headwear, risky, but it went good!

The place was beautiful - Hôtel Intercontinental in Paris. I've heard they have been hosting a tea party here years ago, and I get why. It's so amazing, even the bathroom. You can tell the amazing-ness of an hostel by its bathroom (remember La Vie En Rose oh god).

We all had a cute pop-up book as welcome gift. It's so cute inside !

I admit I was very lazy and didn't take any serious pictures. Though I'm so happy Fancy Melody did and her pictures are gorgeous, you can check them here ! (thank youuuuu) 
Speaking of wich, Sam was wearing a cute coord inspired by her Baby dress, sleeping beauty. I really liked how she matched everything. She's always been a true matching master.

And a posing master !

Even though sometimes her hair would rebel against her....

We quickly got petits fours, and they were excellent ;_; ♥ 
Moreover there were some sweets spread on the table for everyone.

We didn't know that a birthday cake was awaiting though ! 

Haaapppyy biiirttthhdaaayy baaaabyy the stars shine bright (shop) ♫

Among the staff were Sawada-san and the current Princesse Crepe shop staff, dressed in Btssb. They looked lovely ! But the most impressive was that one of them did a live performance during the party....

With balloons !

A Lolita dress made with balloons. How cute !

Then there was the Marie Antoinette ~Beautiful Splendid Queen~ JSK exhibited in the room. Too bad it wasn't the OP version wich I like more.  

Sam smartly noticed that I was taller than the model. 
T-t-t-that's not true!

Alright, maybe it is.

So about my coordination for the day, I went for something EGL-inspired. Full black. I love full black. Don't you know it yet?

Dress: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Gloves: Calzedonia
Shoes: Asos
Earrings: Rose Marie Seoir
Headress: handmade

I really like this blouse and never had the opportunity yet to wear it, so I decided to use it this time. I really love the bowtie, I'm not confident with them usually, but I think this one has the right size, it looks perfect !

Also really like the bustle back of my dress. This dress is so elegant in real, it has so many details like tthe fake corset part. 

I was really happy to go with Ma Aile to this event. As I never went to a Btssb Tea Party I didn't know what to expect (even if that doesn't mean anything, every event might be different) so it was nice to have friends around. 

Charlotte who was the photographer during this event did an amazing job with her pictures, you can see them right here.

This picture is too lovely I'm dying !
Posing became so natural with her ahaha (you'll see soon why)

As always she was perfect-looking.
I really loved the balance between her white/ivorys and black. She looked like a true parisian lady.

In fact when you look at us together you could believe we tried to do something similar, lady-like inspired.
I guess we've become way too much parisians hahaha ♥ 

As I've told you, the bathrooms were fancy as ever. Perfect for a backstage shot.

It could have been her house, really.

Me enjoying the bathroom walls.

My friend Miyu was here too ! She looked really beautiful with her Swanlake-themed outfit ! She did her scepter herself!

Clarimonde looked lovely as always too. This dress was really made for her. It suits her so well ! 

Clarimonde and the creepy one 

I was glad to see Angelique again, it's been a while ! 
She was wearing an amazing coord with a beautiful hat. I'm so jealous of people wearing beautiful hats. I want beautiful hats. That fit me. Uh. ;^; 

The badass visual-kei band pose 

With Myriam ♥ It's been so long too !

At the end we shot the traditional group picture. 
It was a great time with you girls ! 

Thanks to Rouge Dentelle et Rose Ruban for hosting the party with Btssb !
I  really hope the store will keep going, and I wish my best for them ! 

Thank you for reading ! 


Fancy Melody

Cha Sku

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