Fashion Talk - My top fashion trends for 2016 A/W

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I posted something here, or even coordinates on my social networks... and I feel really bad about it.
As you might now I started my Youtube Channel, had a new job which changed my everyday life quite much, and after all I'm still a student - which means I have to manage my life even better and that's why I took a 'break' after this summer's events.
So yeah, summer's end was quite though this year, even in my personal life - I had many insecurities, and whereas lots of people might think it's amazing / wonderful / the dream, my new job hasn't helped at all from now.

But anyway, when feeling down, I do know where to hide : in my deepest fashion dreams ! (also video games but that damn mmorpg I'm playing right now gets broken a lot...)


Hello tout le monde, ca fait un moment que je n'ai pas posté ni ici, ni sur mes autres réseaux sociaux... et j'en suis vraiment désolé. 
Comme vous le savez peut-être, j'ai ouvert une chaine Youtube dans l'espoir de partager quelques vidéos avec vous, j'ai peu de temps après décroché un nouveau job qui a pas mal changé mon rythme de vie, et en plus de ça, je suis toujours étudiante - ce qui veut dire que je dois redoubler d'efforts pour gérer encore mieux ma vie, et c'est pourquoi j'ai pris une petite pause après les évènements de cet été.
Donc  voilà, cette année la fin des vacances a été assez rude, même dans ma vie privée - j'ai commencé à perdre confiance en moi par rapport à plusieurs choses, et bien que la plupart des personnes pensent que cette nouvelle opportunité soit géniale / incroyable / le mieux qui me soit arrivé jusque là, ce job ne m'a pas vraiment aidé à me sentir mieux.

Bref, quand je doute de moi-même, je sais comment me changer les idées : en me réfugiant dans la mode ! (et les jv mais le mmorpg auquel je joue en ce moment est buggé toutes les 5 minutes.....)


And by the way there is a japanese trend you just can't hide from right now. It's wild.

1 ♥ Leopard pattern

It's everywhere in the magazines and shops - even in the streets. I can say I'm really really happy with this trend because I couldn't satisfy my leopard pattern needs last winter (I guess it fits more winter than summer as an animal pattern) and now I can proudly bring my items out of my closet!

This skirt is from Bubbles. Simple tight printed skirts seems to be really popular. I have to get one!


To me, the thing is - with leopard - that you can't mix two printed items at once: the leopard prints wouldn't match because of their colour or pattern. Every design has its own spots and colour variations. So yeah if you want to wear leopard, my advice would be to chose only one printed item per outfit and go on from it. As it's a pattern, I think it looks better as a main piece - so you can make your whole outfit starting from it.

This is a lovely dress from 2016 A/W E Hyphen World BonBon featured during Tokyo Girls Collection 2016. I remember Risa Nakamura wearing it this summer while visiting Paris by the way - interesting to know she might wear prototypes before lauching them! *^*

2 ♥ Beret hats

Being a french... I guess it's my fate.

This one is from Bubbles, it  has a cool military vibe with its leather edge. 

I already loved how those hats looked cute with Lolita fashion, but I had never ever tried one ! So.. even if it was a trend, why would I go with it?
During a - not so secret - shoot for a japanese brand, which unfortunately didn't resulted, the designer made me worn a beret with a casual / street fashion outfit. I had straight bangs at the time and she hidden it inside the beret. I felt in love with berets since. I mean I love how it looks both with and without bangs, but as I want to grow my hair, it's perfect right now!



3 ♥ Large high neck knits

I was looking for nice knits for this year's winter, and it seems my favourite design right now is high / turtle neck + large / loose / boyfriend cut. Like a sport sweater yet hoodless, cute and warm.

I am especially seeking for this soooooo cool E Hyphen BonBon knit with oversized ballon sleeves. I love how it looks with high-waisted bottoms!


4 ♥ Red

Do you also have a hard time finding red clothing in popular shops? 
Burgundy red or wine red seems to be trendy for this winter. I tend to prefer a vivid and powerful red, as this perfect skirt+top combo from Lillilly. By the way, it looks nice with leopard !

E Hyphen World Gallery BonBon

Sae Murase 

5 ♥ Ankle boots

I've been mostly wearing ankle boots for years now since it's comfy, warm, and it gives a cute, girly vibe to the outfit. My favourite are PVC, shiny design or lace up. Even when it has high heels, if it's a bloc/platform heel and the shoe quality is good enough, your feet won't hurt at all after a walk day!




So what's your top winter trends right now? I'm curious!
I hope this small post will inspire you and help you find your dream items !


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