Larme - How to style your bang-less hair

Hey guys ! So as I've been growing my hair lately, I have 'lost' my bangs. I started wearing Larme looks when I had bangs, now, it feels weird showing my forehead. Is it really Larme? Can I try styling it in a Larme way? I was wondering about that. 
In fact, there are several bang-less styling tutorials in Larme, and you can see lots of look that does not include bangs!

1. Basic look

Whether it's straight, curly, if you know how to style it, your natural bangless hair can totally be Larme! 
 You can try leave your hair free, add some nice natural curls or waves with a straightener. You can also go all straight, but I'd look cuter with wavy ends that fall down / that go towards the inside. 

2. Clear forehead look

Everything that includes a clear forehead style : bunches, ponytails, braids... 
It would give either a natural, effortless look or a girly, teenager-like feeling. Overall it looks very cute!

3. Forehead + side strands look

Similar to the clear forehead look, with natural side strands falling down your face. It looks really nice with buns or any other up hairstyle. You can also pin some hair on the back/sides of your head and leave some natural strands there and there...

4. Fixed sides look

(I hope my english is good enough to explain that omg)
For this look, you have to fix/pin one or both of your sides hair on the up of your forehead. They often add ribbons as accesories in Larme mag. It's true it looks better with some nice hairpin or bows, yet you can try without them!
It looks rather girly and sweet. 

5. Braids look

Braids are more elegant and looks less effortless. It's a useful trick though to make your hair original-looking when you just don't know what to do. It looks like 'wild' and stylish when you do a braid french style begininning on the top of your forehead.

5. Headbands and hats look

Another trick might be hats! You can wear a beret to make your natural hairstyle look cute. It works like 100% of the time, yet, you have to know how to put the beret in the right way. I think it depends on your face shape. Some might like it straight on the top, slightly on the side, over the ears, on the back of your head like a 'halo'...
Besides, there are also retro-looking headbands. 

That's all I have tried right now, I hope it will help you find new inspiration for your bang-less Larme looks!

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  1. coucou! :D
    Merci pour toutes ces idées *^* Il y a beaucoup de coiffures sans franges qui me plaisent bien :3
    Je ne suis pas très doué pour les coiffures à vrai dire, surtout avec mes cheveux frisés! Mais celles-ci ont l'air vraiment simples à réaliser :D

    1. Hello :) ! Merci beaucoup ! Celles là sont plutot facile oui! J'espère que tu réussira à faire ce que tu veux ^^